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Every day, we face challenges as an internationally-growing company; as an employer, Lowndes Partners is conscious of both tradition and need to adapt to challenges. Consequently, we believe in the fundamental importance of a good working atmosphere, respectful relationships and corporate values put into practice.
Lowndes Partners intends to continue growing. We know that our success depends in large measure on their capability and motivation. For that reason, it is our key concern to secure jobs, to make them attractive and family-friendly and to promote diversity in our workforce.


We enable our employees to work independently and to get involved in ongoing projects from day one. So if you enjoy working as a member of a team, quickly take responsibility and are open to other cultures, then this is the right place for you. That applies equally to experienced professionals and newcomers to the job. Lowndes Partners is organized in such a way that every employee recognizes the value of his or her contribution. In our company, no one is just a “cog in the machine”.


We value unambiguous job descriptions and clearly regulated structures. In that way, you know what we expect of you and we know what your expectations are when you come to us. Applicants with a wide range of interests, who want to work with a high degree of independence, in an international company, will find themselves at home here.


We seek to explore new paths together; we support your wealth of ideas and offer room for creativity. Continuous self-development is an important component of our corporate culture. Learning new techniques and embracing new ideas from research and development are a matter of course in our industry. Short decision-making paths and a cooperative management style enable us to make rapid advances and to be successful in our operational business.