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SaaS, IoT, Infrastructure, Security, Automation

Structuring, Financing

In a world of fast-moving technological innovations which is resulting in major structural changes across all industries and our everyday lives, Lowndes Partners has a thematic interest in next generation investment opportunities within the technology sector.  

Lowndes Partners' technology team seeks investment opportunities in secular growth areas with structured downside protection, limited leverage and with execution risk as opposed to fundamental technology risk.


As the Technology sector is a rapidly evolving sector, the pace of innovation renders any type of classification to be fleeting at worst and to be taken as guidelines at best. Notwithstanding, we are focused on the following themes: Business to Business Software / Software-as-a-Service, Information Technology Automation / Infrastructure, Security, Scalable Internet / Digital Media, and the Internet of Things in the context of how we consume energy and/or its impact on the infrastructure for businesses and our everyday lives.

Our flexible approach enables us to dynamically adjust to changing market conditions and to focus on deep value opportunities that may be overlooked by less nimble market participants.

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