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Matthew Alcorn

Managing Director

Matt Alcorn is a distinguished Account Executive, renowned for his expertise in sports management and real estate investment and development. Equipped with a proven track record, Matt has managed a remarkable portfolio of pre-draft and major athletes, excelling in professional business, personal representation, and image development.


His ability to pinpoint and harness market opportunities has led him to excel in public relations, media planning, special events, and new business development. As a Chief Marketing Officer at JMR in New York, Matt has driven significant revenue growth through strategic partnerships and innovative marketing initiatives. His tenure as the Chief Financial Officer at Corzo Contracting showcased his prowess in managing finances and driving company growth.


Matt's role at Porsche of South Shore as Sales and Finance Manager further solidified his ability to boost sales and engage customers effectively. As the founder of 30Seven Partners, he has successfully managed high-profile clients and secured lucrative endorsement deals. Matt's consulting roles at 44 Group, LLC, Decoded8, Inc., and Boss 32, Inc., have been characterized by his strategic vision and ability to foster strong client relationships.


His commitment to mentorship and education is evident from his stint as a Professor of Sports Law at Farmingdale State College. With an MBA and a BS in Finance from St. John’s University, Matt's leadership and financial acumen have consistently driven success and innovation across diverse industries.

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