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Matthew Alcorn is a seasoned professional with a rich and diverse career spanning various industries. With a strong background in sports and entertainment management, he has successfully led both, individuals and organizations in this dynamic field. Matthew’s expertise extends to advising multiple family offices, offering valuable insights into asset management, financial strategy and M&A acquisitions.


Additionally, Matthew is a branding expert with a successful history of crafting and elevating brands for organizations, professional athletes, and entertainers to enhance their visibility, appeal and market impact.


Furthermore, Matthew brings extensive experience in U.S. government contracting, demonstrating a deep understanding of regulatory and procurement processes. His leadership in executive-level finance positions showcases a track record of driving financial success and profitability.

In summary, Matthew is a multifaceted professional whose leadership and expertise have made a significant impact across sports and entertainment, family office advisement, government contracting, finance, real estate development, and branding strategy domains. He received his MBA from St. John’s University in finance & accounting.

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