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Lowndes Partners implements an integrated approach as a commercial multi-family office platform, comprehensive in nature, which provides proprietary wealth/asset management, global advisory and specialized advisory services to corporates, family investment vehicles and relevant institutions. Lowndes Partners will become an institutional quality resource in the investment management, advisory and proprietary investment space and well positioned to provide best-in-class financial services to its principals and participating strategic partners. 


As the investor and business world is becoming increasingly more global and connected, Lowndes Partners leverages both its GCC and international investment, financial and business relationships to create strong proprietary deal flow and investment synergies. This will provide compelling and unique strategic relationships within a centralised multi-family office hub to pursue best-in class investment opportunities and synergistic relationships within the global investment community.  


Underpinning this objective is the simple but fundamental philosophy in life shared by its founding management team and sponsoring families: “If you are well, I am well”. 


Lowndes Partners will conduct its business with the utmost trust, discretion and integrity. The Group will serve and promote the best interests of its sponsoring families with the full alignment of interests between senior management and these families.  


Lowndes Partners’ focus is to build long-term and trusted relationships for the mutual benefit of its stakeholders.

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