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Rooted in the traditions of diligence and foresight, yet always looking forward to the horizons of innovation, Lowndes Partners embarked on its journey. As we delve into our story, we pay homage to the origins that molded our ethos and set the stage for our future.

Lowndes Partners Group marked a pivotal moment in its history, obtaining its first license (under its former name, Traycer) to operate and commencing its journey as a deal house specializing in one-off transactions.This wasn't just the inception of a new business entity; it signified the birth of a vision aimed at redefining the essence of partnership and client relations.


At Lowndes Partners, we embrace a philosophy that blends the steadfast values of diligence and foresight with a relentless pursuit of innovation. Our foundation was built on the principles of business acumen and a deeper commitment to pioneering a unique approach in collaboration and trust.

In 2013, Lowndes Partners Group achieved a significant milestone, being selected as the Corporate Finance Advisor for a prominent European family office whose other advisors included Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. This role encompassed providing advice on equity and debt financing across the entire investment portfolio, which included diverse sectors such as cybersecurity, automotive technology, retail and real estate.


This appointment not only affirmed Lowndes Partners' expertise in financial advising but also demonstrated our ability to cater to family office clients across various industries and jurisdictions. It was a testament to our reputation as a trusted advisor, capable of delivering customized, strategic financial solutions on a global scale.

The beginning


McLaren Automotive


In 2011, Lowndes Partners secured a co-placement mandate from Credit Suisse for sourcing growth equity for the prestigious supercar company, McLaren Automotive. It showcased our capabilities in handling high-profile clients, alongside bulge bracket investment banks, and marked a significant expansion of our expertise into the dynamic automotive sector.

In 2014, Lowndes Partners Group made a significant stride in the realm of private equity by being awarded a partial placement mandate for Landmark Partners Fund XV, a renowned secondary private equity firm. This mandate was specifically targeted at the MENA region, a testament to Lowndes Partners' strategic global outreach.


Demonstrating capability in fostering strong relationships, Lowndes Partners effectively delivered a MENA Sovereign Wealth Fund capital to the fund. This achievement both showcased our adeptness in financial networking and also underscored our role as a key facilitator in the intricate world of private equity investments.

European Family Office


Landmark Partners


In 2017, Lowndes Partners Group was entrusted with a pivotal role as Corporate Finance and Strategic Advisor to an African family office. This significant engagement covered various sectors, notably gold mining and oil & gas services. This role underlined Lowndes Partners' multifaceted expertise not only in financial matters but also in strategic guidance and operational matters.


The appointment demonstrated our capacity to be a reliable advisor to family office clients, especially those with operations spanning across Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. This achievement exemplified Lowndes Partners' ability to navigate complex industries and offer tailored advice across diverse geographical landscapes.

In 2018, Lowndes Partners Group played a pivotal role as a financial sponsor and incubator to

an innovative real estate capital markets product. This venture was a collaboration with esteemed entities such as the London Stock Exchange Group, Deloitte and Herbert Smith Freehills.


This initiative highlighted Lowndes Partners' commitment to fostering innovative financial solutions and showcased our capability to synergize with leading organizations in the financial sector. By leading this collaboration, Lowndes Partners demonstrated its agility in adapting to and shaping the evolving landscape of real estate finance, further cementing our reputation in pioneering innovative financial solutions.

In 2021, Lowndes Partners Group became a venture partner to Anthemis, a global investment platform renowned for its commitment to reshaping the financial system. Anthemis is dedicated to fostering change by investing in, nurturing, and sustaining businesses that prioritize resiliency, transparency, access and equity. This partnership not only expanded Lowndes Partners' operational horizon but also aligned us with innovative efforts in the evolving landscape of global finance.

African Family Office


Anthemis Group


Lowndes Partners Group


This year marked a strategic evolution for Lowndes Partners Group as we expanded our platform to become a multi-family office. This significant shift entails offering an array of bespoke services, including proprietary wealth management, comprehensive asset management and a broad spectrum of global and specialized advisory services.


Catering to a diverse clientele comprising corporates, family investment vehicles, and institutions, this expansion signifies Lowndes Partners' commitment to providing tailored, high-caliber financial solutions. This move not only diversifies our service portfolio but also positions us as a versatile and forward-thinking player in the world of finance, ready to meet the multifaceted needs of our clients.

Capital Markets Consortium



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How can we help ? 

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering exceptional services and building lasting partnerships with our clients. With a wealth of experience and a dedicated team, we are here to help you achieve your business goals. If you are ready to explore how we can assist you, please connect with us. Let's see how we can help and embark on a journey towards success together.

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